Puth Tweeted an apology then deleted it.


Charlie Puth is team Selena.

It’s a strange day for Justin Bieber. Following the news Macklemore has a **** oil painting of Justin Bieber where he’s covered in syrup and balancing a pancake on his breakfast sausage, a video of Charlie Puth saying “**** you Justin Bieber” during his performance of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” at his concert on Saturday was posted online. The original version features Selena Gomez, Bieber’s famous ex.

It’s doubtful Bieber caught wind of it yet, but Puth apologized anyway. In a series of now-deleted Tweets, Puth said: “What I said at the concert last night about Justin was meant to be a joke. However…That way it was said mid song did not sound like one. I am a massive @JustinBieber fan and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his music always.”


Bieber probably doesn’t care. He’s still traumatized by Macklemore.

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