A Meghan Trainor video in which she’s not wearing pastels. No seriously.


The video for Charlie Puth’s “Marvin Gaye” has arrived, featuring the dulcet tones of Meghan Trainor.

Bass-enthusiast Meghan Trainor has teamed up with YouTuber Charlie Puth for his debut single, “Marvin Gaye”, and took some time out of her tour to film a steamy visual for the Motown inspired track.

The video begins innocuously enough with Charlie serenading a very subdued ’50s high school dance, but once M Train and her bass arrive things quickly get heated. To the apparent dismay of their chaperones, the students get footloose and fancy-free and, um, appear enthusiastic with each other on the gymnasium floor. There’s whipped cream, bras flying everywhere and a bathroom stall three-way, so despite borrowing her signature vintage sound, this isn’t another saccharine Meghan Trainor effort.

The clip is actually quite entertaining and racy enough that it’ll most likely turn a couple of heads, but it’s probably not as provocative as it thinks it is. Charlie and Meghan’s almost-kiss in the final few seconds is horribly cringe-worthy but on balance, there are more strong moments than weak in the visual for “Marvin Gaye”.

The song itself isn’t quite as noteworthy as the MV, but it utilises a sound which is so ‘in’ right now that it might surprise us all and do reasonably well on the charts. The kindest thing that can be said for “Marvin Gaye” is that it sounds like some of the better moments on Trainor’s debut LP, ‘Title’, but I’m not entirely confident that’s a compliment.

The track is available to purchase now, so let’s see if the video helps it make an impact on the Hot 100 next week.

What do you think of M Train and Charlie Puth’s first collaboration?