She says it’s “so different” from anything she’s done before.

Charli XCX's Next Record Will Be Electronic Pop

Charli XCX is “over” her Sucker album and already onto the next.

We applaud Charli XCX for embracing her inner chaos and channeling it into music, because without her fluttering and wandering mindset we’d probably watch the 22-year-old promote her 2014’s Sucker for another few years. Lucky for us, Charli has her sights set on her followup because she’s tired of her latest record.

“Oh I’ve been over it since we released it. But it’s fine, I’m not like, ‘Oh God I hate this’, but I always want to move on to the next thing, I want to continue creating,” Charli tells i-D. “I always question whether I should stop being an artist and just be a songwriter because I can never be bothered to do the promotion and all the stuff I’m meant to do, which is very anti-productive and makes everyone very mad at me…”

XCX admits she’s trading in her punchy pop for something more electronic, revealing she’s already collaborated with SOPHIE.

“Yes! It’s going really well. I’ve been working with SOPHIE on a few things, he’s incredibly talented. We did a little trip to LA together to hang out and do some writing; I’m really excited about. It’s just ideas at the moment, but hopefully people will hear stuff next year.”

She adds, “It’s going to be so different from the last album. It’s going to be the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing I’ve done. I started working in that way quite naturally, it just happened. This always happens, the second I put out the previous record I’m always over it.”

And for whether she’d collaborate with Justin Bieber?

“I don’t know. I’d love to write with him, I’d do a really emotional club song. I think he’s going to have an Usher Climax moment; maybe even that Jack Ü [Skrillex and Diplo ft Justin Bieber – Where are Ü Now] song is that. I think that could be a real vibe for him.”


PS – she wears Bieber’s perfume line. Really.