Charli XCX says Britney Spears is “punk” and “next level.”

The “Break the Rules” singer said she’d “love” to write a song for Brit Brit.

She tells Digital Spy:

“Oh my God, if she hit me up I would be so down, I’m an endless fan of Britney Spears. She massively inspired me when I was younger and still now.”

“Britney’s punk, she doesn’t care. She’s crazy and amazing and her videos are next level. She’s great, I love Britney and I would so love to write a song with her.”

She might be in luck! Britney recently revealed she’s back in the recording studio, experimenting with new sounds and wants to try “a little bit of rock or rock-pop.”

Last summer, Charli said she “might have done a session or two” for Britney.

Powers that be: give Charli XCX a shot!