Charli XCX and Troye Sivan team up again on “2099.”

The duo threw us back to the past on their nostalgic-laced bop, “1999,” but on their followup, Charli and Troye are in an entirely different realm.

Spiraling static noise shimmers over Charli and Troye’s brooding vocals.

The production, cooked up by A.G. Cook and Ö, is wild – when it’s not chiming with blips and beeps, there’s an ominous bass and pounding drums to catapult you into time.

“I pull up, roll up, f–k up. Fast like a Nascar. Never touch us. Got visions, levels. They don’t get me. Quiet, no discussions. Please hush,” they sing in the intro. Elsewhere, “Wanna listen when I say, ‘think I care about the fame?’ Na, na, na, na.”

In the newly-premiered music video, Charli and Troye ride jet skis.

“2099” lands on Charli’s self-titled album, out now.

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