UPDATE: Charli XCX is very aware of the articles floating around about her meet and greets. She wrote a note on social media to defend fans’ choices.

“These articles popping up about my meet and greets suggesting that fans are taking advantage/being abusive/using me for ‘online clout’ because of certain items that have been signed or brought along to meet and greets are just so ridiculous and pretentious,” she said.

“It’s all wrapped up in this brand of ‘2019 fake wokeness’ that I cannot stand: it does more harm than good and just encourages people to attack and harass one another online.”

“I take away the fact that people wait outside in the cold for me, tell me that a certain song changed their life or that a particular album got them through a tough time.”

“I do these meet and greets because I genuinely want to hear from you,” she wrote. “I always hope and try my best to encourage freedom of expression and a safe space, both at my shows and at any community gathering for fans.

Give the original story a peep below, then read Charli’s letter.


I never anticipated writing that kind of headline, but 2019 is unpredictable. There are a few outstandingly cringeworthy moments that’ve happened at different shows on Charli XCX’s tour. Each isolated incident on their own didn’t seem newsworthy, but when something happens more than twice… it’s not a coincidence, it’s a pattern.

I am not quite sure why I’m even informing you of this, but since I had to unearth this information on my own, it only felt right to share the wealth.

Fans at Charli’s shows are asking her to pose with unusual items in the hopes their Tweet goes viral. Mission accomplished; y’all made it onto BreatheHeavy.

Charli signed a fan’s **** douche.

Unbeknownst to her, Charli autographed a fan’s rectal enema. It’s unclear if it was ever used or not. 🤮

Fans on Twitter claim fans are also asking her to sign their bottles of poppers. If you’re a straight female and need to Google what poppers are, I’ll give you a moment. Pero, like why?


Charli posed with a fan’s mom’s ashes.

It’s incredibly difficult to lose a parent. One fan brought his mom’s ashes for Charli to take a photo with. The singer’s expression is a little unsure, but the moment seems innocent enough? Fans of course took things to another level in the sub-Tweets.

A girl was racially discriminated and pissed on.

One fan posted a lengthy string of Tweets (18 in total) detailing a harrowing encounter with other fans. She claims a group of guys verbally harassed and then peed on her. She’s hoping Charli will say something and put an end to these obscure instances.

Charli’s next show is Wednesday, October 30th in Manchester.

Thoughts on what’s taking place at Charli’s shows? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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      1. Okay let me add to that. Odd and weird AND disgusting. 😂 That’s why I stopped listening to her when she didn’t become huge (like right after SUCKER era) cause I don’t want to have to deal with actually googling “what are poppers” – cause I did. I want my pop girls to be superstars. Not indie darlings. 🤢 Cause this is exactly the type of news that only indie artists bring on Breatheheavy.

  1. OK I LOVE Charli so I have to say something, brace yourselves: aren’t most Britney fans sl*ts? Yet that doesn’t make Britney one. Same with Charli and her fans. So chill and laugh, ’cause Charli certainly would at all of this, if she isn’t already.

      1. She clearly doesn’t! I’m not surprised. That’s Charli. And if she one day doesn’t want to sign an enema, she won’t either, and that’s it. That’s why I love her.

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