Charli XCX pays tribute to Queen Britney Spears!

It’s been a busy week for music’s biggest up-and-comer Charli XCX. Her album, “Sucker,” is currently available for streaming on iTunes before its release on Tuesday, she attended Billboard’s Women In Music event and she performed “Boom Clap” and “Break The Rules” on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

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But more importantly, Charli gives thanks to Britney on the Thank You section of her new physical album!

Charli XCX Thanks Britney Spears On "Sucker," Performs On SNL

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It’s not the first time Charli’s honored Britney – just a few months ago she mentioned Britney’s music is intelligent (and admits she’s a huge “Blackout” stan), saying:

“I don’t feel embarrassed by any of the music that I like. I think it’s all genuinely clever, good music. And when I say that about Britney Spears, some people are like, “What? Are you serious?” Have you heard her albums? They’re so intelligent. The way her songs are crafted is really amazing. I think that music is really interesting and clever.”