Charli XCX pulls out the big guns for her next pop project.

I’m a sucker for a Charli XCX mixtape.

The pop star is always crafting new tunes and drops her shiny synth gems unexpectedly. Charli’s unconventional release strategy is one of her biggest appeals, and there’s no sign she’ll change. The UK crooner is teasing another new mixtape, and it’s star-studded.

“Imagine if I did another mixtape with Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Alma, Cupcakke, Brooke Candy, Pabllo Vittar, Caroline Polachek, Jay Bum Park, Kim Petras, Dorian Electra, Mykki Blanco, Tommy Cash, MO and Ag Cook,” she Tweeted. “That would be pretty cool, right?”


Earlier this year, Charli dropped a mixtape for free titled Number 1 Angel. It featured MO, Starrah, RAYE, Uffie, ABRA and cupcakKe. Looks like she’s about to up her game. I was pleasantly surprised with that, and even more so with her most recent release, “Boys,” so the next installment should be pretty slick.

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  1. She’s got some true bops but then some fillers as well. Gotta give her LOTS of credits, tho, for her apparently never ending inspiration. Girl released an ep and a dozen collaborations this year.

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