Pop rebels Charli XCX And Sky Ferreira unite on new song.

Charli XCX’s new self-titled album arrives Sep. 13. The singer is sharing another shimmering, dark synth pop track from it. It’s titled “Cross You Out” featuring Sky Ferreira. It follows “Blame It On Your Love” and “Gone” with Christine and the Queens.

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Charli and Sky slink over dreamy, ’80s-tinged production crafted by frequent collaborator, PC Music’s A.G. Cook.

Charli had this to say about the collab:

We are an ICONIC duo tbh. No but seriously, Sky, I’m so happy this collaboration has happened. I’ve always been a fan of your music/your vision. You are unique and brilliant and even though the music we make separately is sonically quite different, I feel like we sort of came up together in some senses (remember that next level V mag cover & all the mice peeing on the givenchy 😬😬!!). This song means a lot to me, for me it’s about leaving some pretty traumatic people from my past behind me. It feels euphoric that this song is about to be out in the world so soon. Thank you for being a part of this with me.

Charli posted a second statement about the track:

For me, this song is about leaving a toxic person behind me and moving on with my life. This wasn’t actually a romantic situation – something different. 💜 It’s about someone who started out good and kind but eventually changed, held me back and became manipulative. I grew up throughout the time I knew this person. Maybe I changed too. But from my perspective this person changed from a protector to a prosecutor. There was a lot of anger in our relationship and it had to end. There was too much tension and my determination, opinions and pace were beginning to feel intimidating to this human. This song is about those feelings and about finally leaving the past in the past and becoming free. 💜 This was one of the first songs we started for the album, and it’s so cool that Sky is a part of it too. 💜 Someone who I have always admired and have known for a long time through the weird world of music, I feel like Sky has defiance and determination and brilliant vision. I am really happy we made this song together Sky

Listen below:

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