Two of today’s biggest pop stars have worked with a legendary pop group.


If you ask your parents, they’ll tell you how big Blondie were back in the day. Chances are you’ve either cringed as they’ve blasted a Blondie song in the car or perhaps you sang along too…

Fronted by iconic lead singer Debbie Harry, Blondie have sold over 40 million records worldwide with hits like Heart Of Glass and Call Me.

Now Blondie are back with a brand new album, and some brand new names are featured.

Chatting to Charlie XCX herself about the Sia song:

“Sia and that guy from the Strokes wrote a song that we have on there. Plus Johnny Marr, we have a Johnny Marr track that we really like. [The Sia track] has got an amazing chorus, she’s known for her amazing choruses.”

They’ve also laid down a track with Kanye West, which should be interesting:

“We had a phone conversation with Kanye, Debbie’s met him once or twice, and he’s so nice. I went into it not knowing what to expect because of all the stuff you know, but he was great. He was very humble and nice, I like what he does.”

Charli also wrote two songs featured on the album, which doesn’t have a release date just yet. It will be Blondie’s first album since 2014.

Do you think Sia and Charli XCX will suit Blondie’s new wave sound?