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Charli XCX is moving on from “Doing It” to forth ‘Sucker’ single, “Famous”.

It’s hard to believe that Charli’s already had three singles from her sophomore record, but here we are. Following the lukewarm chart reception for the Rita Ora featuring “Doing It”, Charli’s cutting her losses and pressing ahead with the promotional campaign for ‘Sucker’.

It’s a good job ‘Sucker’ houses so many great tracks because Charli’s hunting hard for that one huge hit.

Listen to “Famous” below:

Taking to Twitter this morning, the “Fancy” collaborator teased this picture from the set of the music video for the track, effectively confirming the reports that it’ll serve as her next single:

“Famous” showcases production from Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Marina and the Diamonds), one of the stronger moments from Charli’s 2014 album and all in all a good choice for the next cut.

Featuring a catchy hook, a light pop-rock sound and plenty of XCX’s signature attitude, it’s a great track that should logically score Charli a big hit both on the Billboard Hot 100 and back in the motherland. However, whether it actually will or not remains to be seen; realistically, there have been better tracks lifted from ‘Sucker’ (“Doing It” still being the best) and they’ve failed to live up to commercial expectations.

There seems to be something that’s preventing the world at large from connecting with Charli XCX on any level other than her featured role on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” which is a real shame. Much like friend, collaborator and fellow Brit Marina and the Diamonds, perhaps Charli would be better served staying on the underground, catering for a ******** group of fans and not chasing commercial success?

What do you think? Is “Famous” a smash in the making?