Get lit with PC Music’s It Girl.

Bounce! Bounce!

Charli XCX stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform her latest single “After the Afterparty” and she decided to give the PC Music-produced bop “Bounce” its televised debut.

With the set mimicking the video, “After the Afterparty” was like a sleepover-gone-wild as Charli thrusted around the stage in floor-length fur while a guy was knocked out on a mattress.

Things got a bit more wild for “Bounce” – which is a huge banger, by the way – as the gorgeous singer let loose, living her best life as though she was getting down in a club with nobody watching.

Charli has performed “Bounce” several times during appearances and at PC Music events in the past year but its still fairly unknown.

“You’re the only one that I will never need / When I’m with you it feels like a fantasy / You never be bring me down / ‘Cause you just wanna bounce, bounce, bounce.”

PC Music is still a mystery to many so translating it onstage (that’s not in a nightclub) is a challenge, never mind TV, but she made the performance just as fun as the song itself.

Dear Charli XCX, if you’re reading this: Studio version now, please. And can I borrow that outfit?

Watch the performances below.

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