Dream team.

Pop music just got a punch to the gut with Charli XCX and Lizzo’s massive new tune, “Blame It On Your Love,” which samples Charli XCX’s “Track 10.” Its lush production was co-created by Stargate, A. G. Cook and Finn Keane.

On it, Charli slips into character as she sings about partying. “I just wanna drink you up / Pour you in a silver cup / You know I like to party, but you know I love your body,” she croons over a stuttering beat, anthemic background vocals and monstrous synths.

As for Lizzo’s part, she serves up a delicious verse about her voluptuous curves.

“Blame It On Your Love” is instantly catch and has the potentials to gain momentum as the summer months warm up.

Listen below:

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