Check out the latest song from the “Sucker” singer.

Charli XCX Is Watching You In "X-Ray Specs": Listen

Is this the sound we can expect from Charli XCX on her upcoming record?

Charli XCX said her new album will “be so different from the last album,” and her recently surfaced song “X-Ray Specs” is a fine example of it. She told i-D, “It’s going to be the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing I’ve done. I started working in that way quite naturally, it just happened.”

“X-Ray Specs” – said to be a demo from 2011 – combines her rocker flair with a pulsating electro beat as the British singer flaunts her cheeky motives to playfully stalk a boy.

“Got my X-Ray specs / they are watching you / I can see you every making your every move / give me your heart on a rope like a yo-yo-yo.”

XCX promises her next record will pull from personal encounters – like partying.

“It’s important. I think it’s inspiring, especially with this next record,” she says of partying being an inspiration on the forthcoming album. “People always dismiss it but it’s such a big part of everyone’s life. I think the best things happen when you’re out; the most traumatic things and the best stories.”

Listen to the track here:

Via Ultimate Music