Pop’s Number 1 Angel.

Please be a single.

It started out as a free mixtape but the success of Charli XCX’s “Number 1 Angel” might be turning her pop-tastic project into a full campaign, with the MØ collaboration at the forefront.

“3AM (Pull Up)” is Charli’s bouncy, melodic spin on the dancehall-lite trend, packed with earworm hooks and lyrics that are a little too relatable for the millennial listener.

The track was first premiered on Radio 1 before the mixtape dropped and is one of the most streamed tracks – alongside the incredible “Babygirl” and CupcakKe-assisted “Lipgloss” – since its release.

Now, it’s been given it’s own special lyric video – do we hear ‘single’?

“Number 1 Angel” is personally my favourite pop release of the year, as Charli uses her genius to apply traditional pop songwriting to the futuristic sounds of PC Music. It’s 10-track masterpiece in bubblegum, electro-trap, synth-pop with her heart on its sleeve.

There’s too many great songs that deserve the single treatment – at least visuals, if not the big push at radio – for the project to be knocked off as a pre-album taster.

Dear Charli and MØ, please pull up at VEVO with a real video for this gem.

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