Charli XCX Does Instaoke On Capital FM, Remains Flawless Britney Fan

January 19, 2015 By Aaron


No pop star stans for Britney Spears quite as hard as Charli XCX.

We all know by now that Charli XCX is just as much of a fan of known-vanilla-candle-enthusiast Britney Spears as we are – from endless discussions about the underrated nature of Brit’s music to thanking the Pop Princess in the notes to her 2014 album ‘Sucker’ for “making [her] want to do this in the first place”.

Check out her latest act of standom on London’s Capital FM below:

Playing Capital’s ‘Instaoke’ (I don’t know either) Charli was asked to sing three classic Britney tracks in her best Spears impersonation, and in news that will shock no one, her impressions were perfect.

Everything from cadence to accent was completely on point, and it’s so obvious that Charli’s been belting those songs into a hairbrush and gyrating with imaginary snakes for as long as we have. Should we feel entirely positive about the fact that Charli has now done more promo for “Work *****” than Britney? No, but we’ll take what we’re given.

The great thing about this clip is that here we have a star in her own right singing along to homegirl with no sense of irony or apology and no backhanded compliments slipped in for good measure (unlike this incident, the less said about the better). In fact, with the new generation of pop girls (that’s your Mileys, Selenas and co.) it seems that Britney’s finally getting the respect from other artists that she’s always deserved, with these young stars acknowledging just how much she inspired them and paved the way for a new branch of females in pop music.

Who do YOU think is the biggest Britney stan in the industry?