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Charli XCX’s Forthcoming Mixtape Is Titled “Number 1 Angel”

See the cover art.


Charli XCX let the cat out of the bag. Her new mixtape is indeed titled Number 1 Angel and drops this Friday. Three of the songs will premiere on BBC Radio tonight. “IM SO ******* HAPPY THIS MIXTAPE IS NEARLY OUT. I’M SO PROUD OF THIS COLLECTION OF SONGS. ANGELS, THIS IS FOR YOU. I LOVE YOU ALL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ETERNAL SUPPORT.”


Charli XCX’s new mixtape is reportedly titled “Number 1 Angel.” Fans Shazamed several of the previews the British pop star forked over recently, and the title appeared.


Charli XCX is having a tough time releasing her mixtape for free. The British pop star hopped onto Twitter to explain label execs threw a wrench in the plan to drop it towards the end of this month.

“you have no idea how ******* hard it is to just release a free ******* mixtape in 2017………………..,” she wrote. “everyones like, what about Spotify/Apple/upsetting other majors if it’s free/what if people think it’s ur album/what if it doesn’t ‘do well'”

Maybe it should mysteriously pop up on SoundCloud then………………..


Charli XCX hopped onto Instagram Live on Monday to share several snippets of songs she plans on featuring on her forthcoming mixtape. The British pop star mentioned they weren’t finalized then contemplated withhold the new tunes, but she buckled.

She also mentioned her album probably won’t drop until September now.


Sure, this video of Charli XCX talking to a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout is slightly cringeworthy, but it’s important. She confirms her mixtape drops towards the end of February:

Charli hopped onto Instagram Live on Monday and said the album drops around September.


Charli previously told Rolling Stone she would release a mixtape before dropping the followup to 2014’s Sucker in May, but her plans to release the LP in the spring have been pushed back.

She replied to a fan’s Tweet asking if her third studio album would be delayed beyond May, saying: “yes, it will be later but AG and i have loads of things planned. we just need 2 make sure the label keep up w us.”

If it’s any consolation, she admits there are several more songs / videos in the works before XCX3.

Read the correspondence below:


Charli XCX plans on putting out a mixtape before her forthcoming LP drops in May.

If you’re thirsty for new tunes from the “After the Afterparty” singer, sit tight. The British pop star reveals she’ll release a project before her next LP hits later this spring.

In a new Q&A with Rolling Stone, Charli opens up about working with PC Music, the sound of her new tunes and what Britney Spears era is her fav.

On the new album:
“Sophie [a.k.a. Samuel Long] is pretty involved. There are some classic Sophie moments, and we reach the dip-into-the-club-at–4 a.m. kind of zone, but the thing about him is that he’s also an incredible pop producer. So there’s him doing pop really well on the album. And A.G. Cook is my creative director now. I was just like “Hey, do you want to be my creative director?” He was like ‘Yeah, cool.’ We talk every day about, like, nail-polish color or whatever like two gal pals. It’s pretty great.”

Exploring the “club” concept:
“On my previous record, I was really annoyed at the music industry and felt like I had something to prove. After that, I didn’t feel I had anything to prove anymore. Also one of my favorite hobbies is partying, and I realized that I never actually made a party album. I never made an album that I would want to hear at a club. It was very indulgent in that sense because I just wanted to make an album that I could get ****** up to. It’s the soundtrack to my nights.”

Which era of Britney would does she?
The Blackout era.

Other collaborations on the record aside from Lil Yachty:
“There might be a special feature but I can’t really talk about who that is. But I’m doing a mixtape also that will come out before then and I’ve been working with lots of fun people on that.”

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