Charli XCX’s cover of “No Fun” is gritty, raw and, yes… a lot of fun.


Charli XCX trudges on in her quest to become the original pop star.

Is it a surprise to see Charli XCX thriving in the hostile digital age? Nah. She’s one of the only artists in recent years to unapologetically quit a tour because it made her unhappy.

She announced the time off the road is ruining her creativity and forcing her to hold off on creating new music. Wahhh responsibilities. However, the move proved right for the SOPHIE collaborator.

She not only released a polished electro-pop EP this year, but her latest attempt to stand alone is something to mention. She recorded a gritty cover of the Stooges’ “No Fun” for HBO’s Vinyl soundtrack, which is out today. Obviously the title “No Fun” is misleading, because Charli can scream and ooh with the best of em’.

Look, it’s hard to compare it to Iggy Pop, but the feels are there. Listen below:

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