Justice for Charli XCX.

Dubbed the futurist of pop, Charli XCX’s new self-titled debuts to lukewarm sales. According to a listing on Hits Daily Double, Charli sold 5,485 in pure sales in the US. If we take streaming into account, the number more than doubles to 13.2k in the US – coming in at #13 on the Billboard 200. Across the pond in the UK, the record debuted at No. 14.

Sales aren’t everything.

The record from a songwriting and sonic standpoint is some of Charli’s finest work. On Metacritic, which gives albums a ranking based on reviews, Charli is acclaimed with a score of 81. While Charli XCX has a large following, she hasn’t successfully mobilized them yet.

Meanwhile, fans put their fav on blast for the tour setlist – she kicked off the tour in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday (Sep 20). The Internet was so harsh about the song selection that it actually hurt Charli’s feelings (most of the setlist consists of songs off the new record).

“Im literally so upset by these comments. Why am I reading this s–t,” she Tweeted. “To everyone commenting all this negative **** I don’t really know what to say. I’m trying my best out here.”

Stream Charli below.

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