Charli XCX: Britney And Periods Are Punk, Record Execs Are Not

Is that why she called it “Boom Clap?”

Charli XCX likes things that are punk. This includes Britney Spears and her period, which she tells Complex magazine she just started. BRB throwing up.

“I’m kind of obsessed with it right now,” she says, grinning. “Periods are really punk. I want to have tampons as merch that say ‘PERIODS ARE PUNK.’”

She’s sitting in a makeup chair as she admits this, then says there’s hundreds of songs she’s recorded she also described as “punk.” If she were to tour these said songs?

“I’d call it The Tampon Girls,” she laughs again. “That’s such a sick name for a punk band.”

I’m seeing a trend here…

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In a separate interview, Charli said she’d love to write for Britney. Because she’s punk, too.

“Britney’s punk, she doesn’t care. She’s crazy and amazing and her videos are next level. She’s great, I love Britney and I would so love to write a song with her.”

What’s not punk are old fuddy duddies telling Charli what to do as a musician. She says label execs wanted her to conform to what a perfect pop princess, and she’s like ‘nope, not punk!’

“My label at that time was like, ‘We signed a youngin! We’re gonna make her a pop star,’”

She remembers being 16, in a label meeting: “They said, ‘You need to brush [your hair] if you want to sell records.’ I was like, ‘Are you. *******. Kidding me? Am I having this conversation with five 30-year-old men who are bald? This is ridiculous!’”

“I felt like, is this it? Is this what I’ve signed up for? It was mechanical. I’m glad that happened, because that told me exactly what I didn’t want to do,” she says.

To be honest, punk is punk when you don’t label it… ‘punk.’

Say punk again. ‘Punk.’