Them’s fightin words.


Them’s fightin words.

Chance The Rapper gave a powerful, inspiring commencement speech to the students graduating from Dillard University in New Orleans over the weekend, and his Beyonce x Michael Jackson quote is landing the Grammy Award winner into some piping hot water. Scalding, even.


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“In that instance, I realized something,” says Chance during the commencement speech. “I realized that all of us have a responsibility to be greater than the people who came before us. We have a responsibility to be not as good as them, or to live up to their example, but to actually surpass them, even when it seems scary.”

Agree? Beyonce Has Surpassed Michael Jackson

Then, this: “We have to overcome that fear and be greater than our role models,” says Chance. “Beyoncé’s performance was better than any performance Michael Jackson ever did. That woman, better than Mike. Black woman, better than Mike.”

“I said it,” he added, knowing all too well the s–t storm he had just created. Typhoon!

As a music purist, I’m afraid to admit that I low-key agree with Chance. Michael is an untouchable legend, but I think Beyonce makes waves in ways no other artist has ever done. Fight me.

Watch the moment unfold below:


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Do YOU think Beyonce’s Coachella performance is better than any performance from The King of Pop? Let us know in the comments below!

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