Celine Dion proves why she’s an A-list icon not through ticket sales and selling millions of albums, but because she’s willing to open up about her life and share her thoughts with such class.

During an interview with ET to promote her new album “Love Me Back To Life,” out now, Celine’s asked about Britney moving to Vegas.

“I think it’s wonderful… Everybody needs a chance. What I wish for her is not success – she will have it – it’s not talent – she’s got it – she’s a mom; it’s good people around her to help her. Help her.”

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Celine’s mentioned Britney in several other interviews this year.

“What I wish for her, especially as a mother, is for her to find wonderful people who can help her find a balance between the artist that she is and the mother, and to try and find an emotional balance to cope with those two and be the best of both worlds,” Dion tells ET Canada in an interview last month. “I think she can really do it!”

They asked what advice she’d give Britney.

“I don’t think she needs any advice from me! She’s been there, she’s been on stage, she’s shook it all out! She’s very talented and knows exactly what to do.”