Celine Dion returns.

The iconic crooner recently released three new songs: “Imperfections,” “Lying Down” and the album title track.

On the former, which has a music video out now, Celine teams up with DallasK and LAUV. She sings about her insecurities over a warm beat. “I try to give all of myself to you / but before I can give it / I got parts of me I’m trying to lose,” she purrs.

“Lying Down” is a sweeping power ballad complete with pounding drums and larger-than-life vocals. It’s the most radio-friendly hit of the three songs – she teamed up with David Guetta and Sia on it. “You can’t take this from me / Can’t you see I won’t take this lying down,” she sings. “And I can hear you when you speak your poison / Bitter words can’t hurt me now, I won’t take it lying down.”

“Courage” is the most emotional of the set. On the emotionally candid number, Celine reflects on her former flame and past trauma.

Listen to all three below:

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