One does not need to go very far to notice that some of today’s young female entertainers have their own line of cosmetics. Celebrities such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, just to name the few I have spotted at a local retail outlet.

And they have the very items a woman would need, starting with perfume and even body lotion. I have sampled (smelled) a few of these fragrant cosmetics and I must say that they do have an appealing aroma. So here is another gift giving idea for the female in your life. If she happens to like the music of ‘Celine Dion’ then also surprise her with one of the celebrity’s perfumes or lotions; for she will be much surprised indeed.

While on the subject, isn’t it just amazing how some of these singers are being marketed today? If ‘Stevie Nicks’ or ‘Pat Benetar’ now happen to have their own line of refreshing aromas on sale at your nearest department store then I would say they indeed deserve it, for when they started out, a couple of decades ago, they were known for their individual singing styles and catchy songs. And their music has withstood the test of time.

Entertainment marketing has changed or been enhanced since those days when performers were rewarded for their efforts with their listeners purchasing their records or ‘LPs’ that have now been replaced by the compact disc.

For some of today’s entertainers are embracing every opportunity not only to ensure that their name can be perpetuated through their music, but also through other avenues as well, such as the cosmetic line mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Everyone wants to leave their mark in the world and be remembered long after they stop performing or doing whatever they love doing best to achieve their goals in life. And in the ever changing world of music in which one singer might be famous now and forgotten tomorrow and have their music placed in the ‘one hit wonder’ box, why not take advantage of the chance to try other marketing techniques to perpetuate one’s name.

Personally, I think we are all making our mark in the world, whether we are completing a couple of household chores, returning from a day at the work place, or seeing our name in print or on a particular product label. The difference? Some are offered lucrative marketing contracts for their skill and some are not.thanks

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