On November 11, Kevin Federline’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his first two children, Shar Jackson, was on MNSBC’s Rita Cosby Live & Direct, gushing about her ex. “I love Kevin”, Shar exlaimed. “I’m going to love him until the day he dies…We’re good friends. He’s hot, he’s hot!”. It may be just one more reason for Britney Spears to keep a short leash on the man who is the father of her 3 month old son, Sean Preston, and her husband of just over a year.
“Since then, Brit’s been keeping tabs on Kevin’s cell phone log- and what she discovered I think totally devestated her,”a source close to the star told celebrity living. “Kevin’s in constant contact with Shar because of their kids. Its usually short and sweet, about when he’s picking up the kids,” explains another insider.
But all that seems to have changed. “Brit was shocked to discover on her husband’s phone a string of late-night calls-several which lasted nearly an hour-to his former love,”according to the source, who adds” Brit’s first thought was Oh My God, this could be the beginning of the end. Because deep down, this was probably her worst fear-that he could end up drifting back to Shar.”
Britney was enraged about the long calls and immediately confronted Kevin, saying she’d heard he’d “been calling”Shar, says the source. “I don’t know if she just jumped to conclusions or was actually trying to call his bluff,” says a friend. “Either way, it seemed to open up a can of worms, and it wasn’t pretty!”
Kevin accused Britney of misreading the situation and explained to a teary eyed Brit that having Sean Preston spurred him to be there again for Kori and Kaleb. Plus, he was helping Shar with her own solo record, offering to write one of her tracks, says an insider, who adds that Britney then challenged Kevin as to why that required to be making late night calls to his ex behind Brit’s back- just when Shar has publicly spoken about her strong feelings for Kevin.
The argument got evne worse as Kevin accused Brit of “snooping around and making up stuff that doesn’t even exist,” says the source. Brit then demanded that Kevin take a stand about his intentions, grabbing his phone and calling Shar in front of Kevin and telling her “to keep away” from her man, insiders claim. “That must have really shaken Kevin up,” reveals the insider, “those two worlds colliding in front of him like that.”
The squabbling couple seem committed to patching up their relationships. Britney has laid down the law with Kevin, ordering him to limit communication with Shar strictly to the business of picking up and dropping off his kids. (The couple’s reps have denied any problems in the relationship.) Rhonda Findling, relationship expert and author of the Commitment Cure (who treats neither star), believes that “Britney should set boundaries. I think Kevin should not have long talks with his ex if its not about the kids. Couples who continue to have problems should consider seeking counseling.” But the pop star appears to be beyond sit-down phase. “I think that if Brit finds out anything else is going on, then thats it,”says the source.

Sources: BritneyExperts & MSNBC

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