Celebrities On Britney’s Billboard Awards Performances

May 24, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s Billboard Music Awards performances may have received a harsh review from her own fans, but it was her fellow celebrity peers praising her efforts!

Snoop Dogg: “Britney looked good!” Snoop told Theboombox.com of Britney’s’ surprise performance with Rihanna during the show. “I’m proud of Britney. Nobody likes to give respect and appreciation to women when they go down and turn it back around and get back up. She should be commended for getting better, sounding good and looking good. She is always going to be the queen of pop stars. It’s a lot of young girls that look up to her so when she got her life back together she should be commended for that. She shows little girls that you can mess up and get back up.” As far as the possibility of a future collaboration, Snoop said: “You have to ask Britney.”

Fergie: “You know, I always hear about the Britney camp and how crazy tight they are with their rules, and all of that so … I don’t know. There’s something about the power of Britney,” Fergie told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s amazing,” Fergie said. “For this many years being in the business, and everything she’s been through, it’s wonderful to see her make this huge of a comeback. Really, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Justin Bieber: “She killed, she rocked it, always,” Bieber tells Yahoo!. “I used to have a big – I still do have a big crush on Britney… I didn’t get the chance to tell her [about my crush] but, she knows… love you Britney!”