Hilary Duff said she’s so addicted to Britney’s songs. and said Britney’s songs are completely great, and its motivation and like inspiration for me to make and write lyrics for me. she said she has been Britney’s lover since the first debut, Baby One More Time until now. and the most Track that Hilary loves are : Toxic, Lucky, I’m Not A Girl, Everytime, and From The Bottom of My Broken Heart.

“I love those songs, and they’re totally great!i Go Britney!”, said Hilary

Lindsay Lohan’s iPod also fill Britney’s songs especialy from “In The Zone” album “I like Toxic cause it makes me dancing all the time, and its FUN!”

Kelly Clarkson’s iPod fill with Britney’s oldies songs such as from Oops! album the most.

C. Aguilera’s iPod fill with Britney’s In The Zone “And I really love her newest song, Do Somethin’ and its rockin’ !! ”

Avril’s iPod , she said honestly in her iPod, she sometimes fill with Britney’s Toxic. “Though i dont like her style, but i cant say anymore and TOXIC is a great song!”

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