The X Factor’s CeCe Frey received luke warm reviews from the judges this week. Despite their indifference, viewers voted her into 5th place from nearly last, and she wants us to know she’s not doing this for the panel; she’s doing it for the audience.

“I am very receptive to constructive criticism when the judges say, ‘I didn’t like it and this is why,’” Frey told reporters after the show. “But, tonight I thought the judges’ comments were kind of unnecessary and kind of unwarranted.”

As for Simon’s comment, CeCe responded, “It is freakin’ ‘Diva Week.’ Isn’t that the point? To be a little over the top? But even despite that being the theme, I really dialed it back from what I’ve done in previous weeks.”

CeCe seemed annoyed when asked about Britney’s response. “Britney didn’t get it? I really do respect Britney Spears,” she says. “[But,] come on, girl, what’s not to get?”

She’s worked hard rehabbing her image for viewers, who initially thought she came off too abrasive.

“I’m not doing this for the judges,” she says. “I’m not singing every week and putting on this show and putting on heels where I think my feet are going to fall off for the judges. That’s not what this is about. It’s for America, it’s for the people out there that give a s–t about what I’m doing and really care about the impact that I may or may not be having on their lives. So if the judges don’t like it, then that *****. But, if the people like it, that’s what I care about.”

Team CeCe tbh.

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