Britney and chill.

Britney and chill.

Last week marked six months since Britney Spears dropped Glory into our lives and gave it purpose. She seemingly stopped promoting the record in lieu of impromptu fashion shows and twirling on the haterz, but it’s an album that keeps on giving nonetheless.

Country Club Martini Crew (Brazilian producer and remixer, Lucas Fontanel) continues to inspire new meaning from the songs. Following his otherworldly reinterpretation of “Slumber Party” and an entrancing “Liar” remix comes acoustic re-workings (*****) of “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)” and “Man On The Moon.”

“I had a couple of different ideas of Glory songs to work on after all the dance mixes we’ve done over the last few months, but the moment I got the chance to do something with ‘Man On The Moon’ – being my favorite song out of everything she’s put out since “Unusual You” – I knew that was it!” CCMC tells MuuMuse. “For this one I only had the album version vocals to work with, but it didn’t really need anything other than a piano track to let her lead vocal shine through.”

Unlike “Moon,” “Change Your Mind” was crafted from the studio sessions.

“The acoustic guitar loop being the focus of the song, I knew that needed to stay and we had to build something around it.” He adds frequent collaborator Nick* stepped in to “take it to the next level, giving it a moody, **** vibe, whilst staying faithful to the original album version.”

He explains, “the best part, though, was definitely working with her vocals there – with the exception of a very few ad-libs that were already pitch-corrected, I’d say 90% or even 95% of it is as raw as it gets, with absolutely no Auto-Tune or Melodyne whatsoever, just like she had originally recorded it. The most impressive, I’d say, is how consistent she was throughout that session. It’s not like we had to dig through hundreds of takes to try and salvage something; she nailed take after take, trying out different things and new adlibs, so we actually had a lot of great and really solid source material to choose from!”

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