Britney is smokin’ hot here as she dances at Millennium rehearsing her new dance routine for “Hot As Ice.” You can see her doin her thing in front of Sam. Lucky *******. And she does have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction transitioning from top to top, but it’s all good. That leotard is very Madonna-esque. Such a stalkerazzi video though; creepin in between the cracks. Not surprising though! January 27, 2008.

After the rehearsals, Britney and Sam were spotted at a gas station fillin up and gettin some snacks.

Aw, this is sad. Britney goes into the gas station, and can’t help but to pick up the cover where Jayden James is on the front with a terrible headline. Sam snatches it out of her hand as the two leave. What a freakin world.


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