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Uncovered: Britney’s Performance Of “Something To Talk About” Highlights Her Rebellious Spirit

The impromptu performance shines light on a pop star scorned.

Uncovered is a new series on BreatheHeavy where we look at special cover performances / songs.

2017 was a spectacular year for Britney Spears. That glimmering spark fans initially fell in love with shined bright that year. Not only was her body in peak shape (she gave the Britney era a run for its money), but the pop star appeared more lucid and engaged than years prior. She frequently shared candid moments of her life with fans, whether it be a squat-tastic video montage from one of her home workouts, or a trip to the local Calabasas eatery. Britney seemed eager to show off a rediscovered exuberance that went missing for a little while. One of those glorious moments took center stage at Brit’s August 19th Piece Of Me concert.