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Tokio Hotel – “What If” Music Video

Tokio Hotel are high as f**k with nowhere to be on “What If.”

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Tokio Hotel’s Bill Reemerges As Billy, Drops New EP ‘I’m Not OK’: BreatheHeavy Interview

Billy channels his painful heartbreak into vibey autobiographical music.

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel Release “Feel It All” Music Video

Tokio Hotel released a drug-fueled, downward spiral docu-looking music video for their latest single “Feel It All.”

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Kelly Clarkson: I Didn’t Know Tokio Hotel Recorded A Version Of “Run Run Run”

Kelly Clarkson: I Didn't Know Tokio Hotel Recorded A Version Of "Run Run Run"

Oh no, I do not rip off, off.

Kelly Clarkson stopped the musical drought earlier this week when she premiered cut after cut from “Piece By Piece.” Among the new tracks in the batch included her emotional ballad with John Legend called “Run Run Run.” Shortly after it premiered, some folks discovered the song was actually a cover by Tokio Hotel, who released their version just last September. So why did Kelly cover a song that was released less than 6 months ago? Well, she says didn’t even know about the original.

Read more of Kelly’s side of the story after the cut:

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Tokio Hotel Checks In

Tokio Hotel Checks Back In

Tokio Hotel left the chaos surrounding them in Europe for the chaos in Los Angeles nightlife. A fair trade?

The band spent the last five years decompressing from superstardom before releasing their new studio album, “Kings Of Suburbia,” out today in stores in the U.S. (or on iTunes).

“We were kind of tired after the last album we put out in 2009,” lead singer Bill Kaulitz tells over the phone. “After that album, and all the touring, we felt like we needed new inspiration and we didn’t really know what to do music-wise. We felt like we’ve done it all, said it all, and I didn’t know where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. Also personally, we just needed a break. I wanted to step away from the career and live a private life. We couldn’t do that in Europe, so we moved to America to find that privacy.”

He explains they took a year off just to explore the party scene before constructing a recording studio and getting back to work.