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BreatheHeavy’s Exclusive Q&A With The Young Professionals

BreatheHeavy's Exclusive Q&A With The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals sit down exclusively with to chat about their amped up electro-pop song and video for “All Of It But Me.”

After the success of their debut record in 2011 titled “9am to 5pm, 5pm to Whenever,” the Tel-Aviv duo, made up of made up Johnny Goldstein and Ivri Lider, began crafting new music for their follow-up record out later this year. Their first release is the high energy track called “All Of It But Me,” a song about not knowing what’s truly on your lover’s mind. Terrifying, honestly.

Their sound is a refreshing take on pop, but their outlook on music, love and their support for the LGBT community is equally quenching.

Here’s what you need to know about The Young Professionals: