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YouTube Remastered Iconic Music Videos From Lady Gaga, Spice Girls, Janet Jackson And More: Watch

Relive pop music greatness in HD.

YouTube teamed up with Universal Music Group to replace low quality (by today’s standards) music videos with remastered versions.

Interestingly, the originals were not filmed in HD, however there is a noticeable difference in the new uploads, which replaces the grainy renditions with clearer ones – comments, views etc will remain. You’ll know it’s remastered because the description will include “Remastered in HD!”

Though only a hundred or so videos have been uploaded, YouTube hopes to replace more than a thousand videos by the end of 2020.

The current list includes videos from Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Poker Face”), the Spice Girls (“Wannabe” “Say You’ll Be There”), Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl,” “Cool,” “4 In The Morning”) and Janet Jackson (“Control,” “What Have You Done For Me Lately,” “When I Think Of You”).

Head over to YouTube and begin revisiting some of the classics.

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This Day In Pop: Geri Halliwell Quits The Spice Girls

Before Camila Cabello, Zayn Malik or any of the other members that left this generation’s pop collectives, there was Geri Haliwell and the cry heard around the Spice World.

Geri Halliwell announced her departure from the Spice Girls on May 31, 1998.

Two decades ago, Ginger suddenly decided to quit the band, citing depression and differences between her bandmates as the reason for her exit. As fate would have it, the British singer and her longtime sisters (minus Victoria Beckham) would return to the pop scene for a celebratory reunion tour almost twenty years since the controversy erupted across magazines and newspapers. In our latest installment of This Day In Pop, BreatheHeavy decided to turn back the hands of time to revisit the dreaded day when Ginger Spice announced that she was leaving behind Mel C (Sporty Spice), Victoria (Posh Spice), Emma B (Baby Spice), and Mel B (Scary Spice).

Towards the height of the late ‘90s pop explosion, the biggest girl group of the time imploded and it was a shake-up that ruled the media. You don’t become one of the most-talked about stories of the year without good reason. Days prior to an official announcement, Victoria reportedly received a call from the group’s lawyer, Andrew Thompson, with news that Ginger decided to quit the act. “No, this is serious, Victoria. Geri is leaving the band. She’s had enough. She doesn’t want to come back,” Thompson told her. Posh thought it was a joke, but she was dead wrong.

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Spice Girls Reunion Kickoff Show Plagued By Sound Issues

Something kinda funny happened at the Spice Girls’ comeback show.

When four out of the five Spices announced a reunion tour, fans gobbled up tickets in droves. There was so much initial demand that their tour sold out within minutes, however some of the 80,000 fans attending the girls’ kickoff performance in Dublin on Friday (May 240 were less than impressed – at least the ones far from the stage.

For whatever reason, the sound production of the show was seriously off; people sitting in the less desired seating areas were overwhelming dissatisfied. They claim the vocals were barely distinguishable and, well, overall awful. So bad, that Mel B made a statement about it, saying in a video she hopes the sound “will be much much better” at their next show.

For those in the back, in the beginning of the show, the girls opened up with: “We welcome all ages, all races, all gender identifies, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all religions and beliefs, all abilities.”

Check out a few videos from the show and the set list below:

“Spice World Tour” 2019 Setlist:

“Spice Up Your Life”
“If You Can”t Dance”
“Who Do You Think You Are?”
“Do It Something”
“Kind of Funny”
“Military Cadence”
“Sound Off”
“Queer Tango”
“Viva Forever”
“Let Love Lead The Way”
“Car Wash”
“Never Give Up On the Good Times”
“We Are Family”
“Love Thing”
“Lady is a Vamp”
“The Last Waltz”
“Too Much
“Say You”ll Be There”
“2 Become 1”

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Pop Saved! The Spice Girls Have Remastered Their Music Videos

The Spice Girls are re-releasing their videos in 4K.

Honestly, 2019 has been a little rough to pop music, but I sense a balance in the force thanks to an ace by move by The Spice Girls. They announced plans to release their music videos in 4K.

‘How can videos filmed 20 years ago use present-day technology?’ It’s a good question, and there’s a lengthy explanation of how it’s done here. Basically, older footage shot on film still maintains an incredibly high resolution.

This news is also well-timed. The Spice Girls are currently embroiled in a scandal after Mel B reportedly said she had *** with Geri back in the day. It threatened to derail the ladies’ upcoming tour (the girls are fighting teas), but their PR machines went in high gear to deny that. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. And it’ll do so in 4K…

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We Love A Business Woman: It Appears Posh Spice Will Now Join The Spice Girls On Tour

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The Spice Girls (Minus Posh) Announce A UK Stadium Reunion Tour: See The Dates

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Victoria Beckham Gifted Us With A Photo Of David Beckham In A Speedo

I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want.

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Mel B Says The Spice Girls Reunion IS Happening. More Importantly… Should They Have A Residency In Vegas Tho?

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls Reunion Will Not Consist Of New Music Or A Tour So What’s The Point


Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham Promises The Spice Girls Will Partake In Carpool Karaoke

Victoria Beckham begrudgingly agreed to The Spice Girls participating in an episode of Carpool Karaoke.