This Day In Pop: Geri Halliwell Quits The Spice Girls

Before Camila Cabello, Zayn Malik or any of the other members that left this generation’s pop collectives, there was Geri Haliwell and the cry heard around the Spice World. Geri Halliwell announced her departure from the Spice Girls on May 31, 1998. Two decades ago, Ginger suddenly decided to quit the band, citing depression and […]

Spice Girls Reunion Kickoff Show Plagued By Sound Issues

Something kinda funny happened at the Spice Girls’ comeback show. When four out of the five Spices announced a reunion tour, fans gobbled up tickets in droves. There was so much initial demand that their tour sold out within minutes, however some of the 80,000 fans attending the girls’ kickoff performance in Dublin on Friday […]

Pop Saved! The Spice Girls Have Remastered Their Music Videos

The Spice Girls are re-releasing their videos in 4K. Honestly, 2019 has been a little rough to pop music, but I sense a balance in the force thanks to an ace by move by The Spice Girls. They announced plans to release their music videos in 4K. ‘How can videos filmed 20 years ago use […]