Indie Pop Artist Slayyyter Exposed For Racist Tweets: “I will never forgive myself”

“I feel so sick to let so many of you down.”

Britney Spears Featured Slayyyter Songs

Slayyyter Covers Britney Spears’ “Everytime”

An independent pop artist takes on a superstar’s super ballad.

When Slayyyter announced she was releasing a cover of Britney Spears’ In The Zone standout, “Everytime,” the Internet, as it does, sunk its razor sharp teeth into the rising singer-songwriter. Slayyyter actually threatened to stop releasing music because of the negative feedback, but thankfully she didn’t make good on her word. Her “Everytime” cover arrived anyway, and it’s a solid attempt at covering something almost untouchable.

Slayyyter doesn’t stray too far from the original on her rendition. In the past, people have commented that her vocal shares a likeness to Britney’s, which feels blasphemous to type, but I get it. She even includes most of the ad-libs Britney sprinkled in. The production parallels the gorgeous piano melody in the original, but instead features an electronic-tinge.

“It’s such a beautiful and sad song, one of my all time favorites of hers,” she tellsĀ Paper. “I chose it because it relates a lot to how I have been feeling lately. It’s sorrowful, apologetic, but also has an underlying theme of feeling small and helpless. I think everyone feels that way sometimes.”

She adds: “Britney sings about feeling like she can’t escape someone or something… I think it tells a bigger story now,” she says. “No one can ever do it like Britney.”

In light of the Free Britney movement, I’ll have to agree with Slayyyter.

Listen below, then give her other new tune, “Daddy AF” a play: