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This Day In Pop: Britney Spears Injures Her Knee Filming “Outrageous”

June 8, 2019 By James Dinh

This Day In Pop is a reoccurring RX piece, where BreatheHeavy examines a monumental anniversary in pop music. Whether it be a blockbuster release, game-changing performance, live mishap, or something in between, we’re here to dig through the archives and highlight some of the biggest moments in pop music history. Britney Spears injured her knee […]

A Deep Dive Into Britney’s Danja Tracks

June 4, 2019 By Jordan Miller

A close look at Britney’s beloved Danja-produced songs. Britney’s tenth studio album, executive produced by Justin Tranter, could feature new songs crafted by producer Danja. According to an unearthed publishing on Danja’s profile on Primary Wave, touted as one of the largest independent music publishing and talent management/production/entertainment companies, Danja has worked on multiple new […]