Poppy Confirms Split From Titanic Sinclair: “I Was Trapped”

After years of mind games, Poppy is free from an ominous character.

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New Music Friday: Jonas Brothers, Zara Larsson, Rita Ora, Anitta, Poppy And More

Happy New Music Friday!

Every Friday, an avalanche of new music stampedes digital culture. It’s a full-time job to keep up with it (trust), so BreatheHeavy puts together a weekly cheat sheet for your convenience. Here are a handful of new tunes worth your undivided attention. After that, you’re on your own!

Jonas Brothers – “Greenlight” (Song)

The Jonas Brothers just released their No. 1 album, Happiness Begins, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating even more new music. They dropped a new song titled “Greenlight” for NBC’s hit TV show, Songland. On the Ryan Tedder-produced song, the guys sing about that warm, mushy feeling of falling in love. “Oh girl, I’d never change a thing about you, I fell in love with the way that you move,” Nick sings over a slinky beat crafted by Ester Dean. It may not have made the final album cut, but it remains a guilty pop pleasure.

Zara Larsson – “All The Time” (Song)

Zara Larsson put forth a dance-friendly new song with “All The Time” off her forthcoming third studio album. On it, the 21-year-old fantasizes about the good ol’ days with a former flame. The somber lyrics are disguised by an energetic beat and bubbly production crafted by Lotus IV. As the kids would say, issa bop.

Tiesto & Jonas Blue featuring Rita Ora – “Ritual” (Video)

Rita Ora is no stranger to cooking up a cut for the club. She’s featured on Tiesto and Jonas Blue’s EDM-tinged banger, “Ritual.” It’s got the makings of a hit – a pulsating beat, bouncing synths and an infectious chorus (happy solstice).

Major Lazer & Anitta – “Make It Hot” (Song)

If you loved “Sua Cara,” you’re in for a treat. Anitta teamed up with Major Lazer once more for a new electronic dance track titled “Make It Hot.” It’s no “Faz Gostoso,” but it’ll soundtrack your raunchy endeavors this summer quite perfectly.

Poppy – “Choke”

Poppy creates pop music that’s no doubt a lot strange, but terribly intriguing. Her latest venture into the obscure is “Choke,” which finds the singer, whose character is a commentary on the ridiculousness of pop culture, incessantly screaming the word “choke” over an ominous, electronic-grunge background. It’s bizarre, but worth a spin if you’re in a mood.

Shout-out to Rence and Noah Cyrus‘ new collab, “Expensive.”

New Music Friday:

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Poppy Videos

911! Poppy’s Song/Video For “Voicemail” Is Bananas

Poppy unleashed a bass heavy banger with “Voicemail.”

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The elusive singer-songwriter kept her promise. Poppy recently told us in our interview together she was in the recording studio working on new music, and despite having released a new album just a few short months ago, Am I A Girl?, she’s already onto the next.

Poppy and frequent collaborator, Titanic Sinclair, created a monster they’re calling “Voicemail.” The song is ferocious, and the black & white video even more so. In it, pop star deploys a hellish gaze as a thunderous bass and glitchy computer beeps rattle your senses. It’s a lot to absorb.

‘This was the first music video that we’ve done just us two together, we usually get some help but we wanted to see if we could make something magic,” Poppy told Forbes of the track. “My favorite lyric is probably in the first verse, the one about ‘Blood on my necklace and blood on my clothes.'”

♫ “Baby wants to come home to daddy / Poppy is your mommy”

It sounds a bit reminiscent of Brooke Candy’s “My ***” (a compliment).

In our chat, Poppy said pop music is dead. If “Voicemail” doesn’t revive the genre a bit, then I’ll call you an ambulance. Hopefully they pick up.

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Poppy first made a splash with a series of bizarre videos on YouTube where, through the eyes of a computer, talks to mannequins and sings about the inevitable implosion of the human race. The machines will survive the worldwide web apocalypse and succeed people. Great! This curious and probably true point of view bottled up in a pop singer was co-created alongside a man named Titanic Sinclair.

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