Natalia Kills Blames X Factor Producers For Her Meltdown

Natalia Kills is incapable of apologizing. In her rant heard round the world, Kills is now infamous for bullying X Factor contestant Joe Irvine because she felt his look copied her husband, fellow judge Willy Moons. Kills and Moon issued a statement Wednesday night justifying their actions, then followed it up with a chat on […]

Natalia Kills Finally Responds to the X Factor Controversy

Not that she had anything particularly interesting or intelligent to say about the fiasco. As you all will undoubtedly know, Natalia Kills drew headlines last weekend (for the first time in her career) for verbally assaulting X Factor New Zealand contestant, Joe Irvine. Following Joe’s perfectly passable performance of Ella Fitzgerald’s jazz standard “Cry Me […]

Natalia Kills Her Career, Fired From The X Factor After Unwarranted Tirade

Singer Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon got fired from The X Factor New Zealand after bullying an innocent contestant for no apparent reason. Kills and Moon attacked Joe Irvine after his rendition of Michael Buble’s “Cry Me a River,” accusing him of dressing like her husband, labeling him “disgusting.” Ladies and gentleman, I’m […]