Megan Nicole

“Escape” Reality With Megan Nicole’s Latest Video

"Escape" Reality With Megan Nicole's Latest Video

Megan Nicole channels her inner Sleeping Beauty in the video treatment for “Escape.”

Megan released the Young Astronauts-directed visual as part of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards celebration. Over a dozen acts released videos as part of the YouTube ceremony, but none of those music videos features brown bears, bunnies and wolves.

Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole’s The Cherry On Top Alright

Megan Nicole's The Cherry On Top

I knew my interview with singer Megan Nicole looked promising when she walked up to me dressed in a black and white striped shirt (that matched her nail polish) and a tutu.

The YouTube star made the rounds at several radio stations in Vegas before our lunch together. She knows it’ll take a lot of work to transition from Internet sensation to bonafied pop superstar, but she’s well on her way.

We sat down at an Italian restaurant to talk, but before I could order spaghetti and meatballs, her tour manager chimed in we’re actually grabbing dessert.

Buy Megan Nicole’s new EP, “Escape” on iTunes.

As I waited for whatever chocolate thing to arrive, I asked Megan if strangers recognizing her is weird, like, dessert at 2 PM weird.

“It’s been a gradual build over the years. I’ve been doing this for six years now,” the 21-year-old says before admitting she’s grateful and somewhat surprised people followed along for so long.