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Justin Timberlake Teases New Music (With Timbaland Of Course)

March 12, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland share a peek behind the curtain. Let’s not get it twisted: Justin Timberlake’s solo catalogue is pretty damn perfect (justice for The 20/20 Experience, it deserves more recognition. Fight me). He’s closely collaborated with producer Timbaland on every album, including the country-tinged, Man of the Woods, and there’s no signs (get […]

Considering The Circumstances… It’s Curious To Watch Justin Timberlake Perform Iconic Janet Jackson Choreography On Tour (Video)

January 8, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Justin Timberlake performed a bit of choreography from Janet Jackson’s “If” music video. Look, we’re all very aware that Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson had a falling out after their 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show performance. Adding insult to injury… he didn’t include / invite her when he headlined in 2018. That was a golden […]