“Womanizer” Director Says Britney Spears’ Label Denied His Request For A Bigger Budget: “why would we give more money to a crazy person?”

You say I’m crazy? I got your crazy. This week marked the 11th anniversary of Britney Spears releasing “Womanizer.” Fans rejoiced! And in doing so tagged Joseph Kahn, who directed the music video (as well as “Stronger,” “Toxic” and “Perfume). Kahn Tweeted about the anniversary, but his comments sparked a startling reaction. “They gave me […]

Camila Cabello Wishes Her Ex Happiness (Cept Not Really) On “Cry For Me”

Camila Cabello shares a new ‘Romance’ release. Camila is shining a light on the dark sides of love. Following “Shameless” and “Liar” is “Cry For Me.” Co-penned with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Camila sings about wanting a former flame to show some goddamn remorse following their breakup. Ugh, men. “I want you to cry for me […]

Truth Hurts: Iggy Azalea Is Trolling Lizzo On Twitter

Iggy took a DNA test, turns out she’s 100% that *****. Iggy Azalea is taunting Lizzo as the “Truth Hurts” rapper inches closer to breaking her record for longest reign (six weeks) at number one for a female rapper (2014’s “Fancy”). “Truth Hurts” has topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks as of […]

Lady Gaga Says She’s Naming Her Next Album ‘Adele’

Gaga stans taste. Lady Gaga is brainstorming album titles for LG6. She jokingly(?) said she wants to name the next record ADELE, and I can’t think of anything better. “I’m calling my next album ADELE,” she wrote without explanation. I’m calling my next album ADELE. — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 1, 2019 Gaga has a […]

Tinashe Announces A Comeback: I’m Back And Better

Tinashe readies new music. After a challenging year, Tinashe says she’s in a better place and is gearing up to release new music she quietly worked on throughout 2019. The “2 On” crooner reveled she has gone through “a lot of changes” and now feels “inspired and free” to make the kind of music she wants […]