Devin Rodriguez – “Stay”

Up and coming artist Devin Rodriguez, a new signee on BreatheHeavy’s Creators roster, is one to watch. He cooked up a song titled “Stay,” a new release from his forthcoming album, and gets a shiny premiere on BreatheHeavy today (January 30). On “Stay,” Devin’s smooth tone melts over icy production, a pulsating beat and stuttering […]

Independent Artists! Haters Gon’ Hate… AND???

A video chat with Devin Rodriguez. BreatheHeavy’s bread and butter is coverage on the mega pop stars. Their fame drives traffic, but I want to use this platform to also shed a light on independent pop artists who could use the extra attention.  Recently, I low-key put out a notice asking for independent pop artists to hit […]

Listen To This Mashup Of Britney Spears Songs By Independent Pop Artist Dyllan White

Up-and-coming pop musician Dyllan White, the first artist in BreatheHeavy’s Creators roster, threw a bunch of Britney Spears fan-favorites into a cauldron and brewed a mashup of epic and unique proportions. In our interview together (see below), Dyllan doubles down on the importance of self-confidence in your work, because let’s face it… sharing your art […]