Simon Cowell Tells BreatheHeavy: No One Turns Me Down!

“No one has so much as turned me down for a show if I ask them, but sometimes we just won’t pay them what they want. Some of the salaries have been getting insane over the past few years. It’s difficult. I mean, a couple have turned me down actually yeah but then I think […]

Simon Cowell: Britney Was Uncomfortable On The X Factor

Simon Cowell’s tune about Britney’s role as a judge on The X Factor’s drastically changed since the “Work *****” singer left his show, telling Ellen DeGeneres his goal was to hire the biggest superstar he could find. Ellen said Britney isn’t much of a “talker,” to which Simon replied “I didn’t realize that! I kind […]

Britney At Fifth Harmony Concert

Sort of. Check out this cutout someone brought of Britney to Fifth Harmony’s mall tour over the weekend. That moment was priceless!

Simon Cowell To Britney: You Can’t Sit With Us

Simon Cowell seems happy Britney is off The X Factor judging panel, telling reporters the foursome wasn’t cohesive enough to his liking. “It’s like having a dinner party. You invite people for dinner and sometimes it’s a fun night, and other times it’s not as fun as you hoped it would be,” Cowell said at […]

Simon Cowell Shading Britney… Again?

Fans weren’t sure if Simon Cowell was shading Britney a few weeks ago during The X Factor auditions when he said a contestant’s horrible rendition of “Toxic” sounded like “the original,” so we gave him a free pass. This time we’ll just assume he’s bitter Britney took the money and ran back to the recording […]

Simon Cowell Shades Britney?

Britney and former X Factor confidant Simon Cowell shared a mutual respect for one another, but perhaps he’s a little jaded now that The Queen decided to pursue her music and not re-sign for the latest season of The X Factor. One contestant during the Long Island auditions last week sang “Toxic,” horribly, leading Simon […]

Simon Cowell Mentions Britney At X Factor Auditions – UPDATE

The X Factor auditions began today, and it looks like they’re already missing Britney. Simon said: “For a moment I closed my eyes and it sounded like @britneyspears was on stage.”- @simoncowell. #true or #false — THE X FACTOR (USA) (@TheXFactorUSA) May 22, 2013 UPDATE: A reader sent in their experience – he was the […]

Quote Of The Day

New quote from “At least last year’s X Factor had the “OMG Britney!” wow factor. With the new ho-hum panel, Fox should just cut its losses and premiere its midseason dramas in the fall.”

Kelly Rowland & Paulina Rubio Replace Britney On The X Factor

It’s official, Britney and LA Reid were replaced by Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio on the new season of The X Factor. Sources tell TMZ the two are in final negotiations to join the show, with just minor details left to be handled. The deals could be finalized as early as tomorrow. What do you […]

Hilary Duff Replacing Britney On The X Factor?

A ton of female celebrity musicians are rumored to take Britney’s judging spot on The X Factor, including former Disney star Hilary Duff. Nothing’s final, but Hilary Tweeted a very cryptic message today, possibly alluding to The X Factor hype. X — Hilary Duff (@HilaryDuff) May 15, 2013 Love me some Hilary; I’m down for […]