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Help Britney Spears win an award at the Teen Choice Awards.


Stop What You’re Doing And Text ‘Vote Britney’ to 81500


Piece Of Me is up for Best Show and Best Bachelorette Party for the Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Awards!

Currently, she’s sitting pretty at number one for Best Bachelorette Party, but sadly sits at SECOND PLACE for Best Show. I have it on good authority Britney wants to win BOTH categories, and you don’t want to disappoint the Queen, do you?

Here’s how to help:

Vote by texting ‘Vote Britney’ to 81500 or vote online here. Polls close Feb. 28 at 11:59pm.

Now get to work, *****. And if not, you might be kicked out of the Britney Army.

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Britney Tweets: Piece Of Me Is Up For An Award!


Congrats, Queen!

Britney announced on twitter that her legendary Vegas production has nabbed a nomination for Review Journal’s Best Of Las Vegas awards.


Vote! Britney Losing In VH1’s Pop Queen Faceoff Finals

Britney Losing In VH1′s Pop Queen Faceoff Finals

Britney Spears needs your help!

She’s currently (it’s 6 pm PST) losing to Janet Jackson in VH1‘s Pop Queen Faceoff Finals.

So many hits. So much dancing. So much controversy. So much hotness. All of these things have brought us to this moment. Is Britney Spears the true Queen of Pop? Or is it Janet? Vote here:


Vote Britney In Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off

Vote Britney In Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off

Britney Spears is losing to Keesha in Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off competition, and this is simply unacceptable. Just because BreatheHeavy writes about Kesha now, doesn’t mean we want our girl Brit Brit to lose anything!

From Billboard:

“Only one question remains: which fan army is the strongest? hopes to answer that question with the Fan Army Face-Off, a bracket-style tournament in which various fan armies will square off to prove that they are unequivocally the loudest voices in the pop sphere. We’ve rounded up 32 of the most notable fan armies today, and through five rounds, we’ll let the fans themselves determine which fan armies stride forward, or fall by the wayside. Vote now in Round 1 of the Fan Army Face-Off, and show your support for your favorite artist! Polls close July 11.”

Time to bring it back to the old school days and rally the Britney Army to get our girl the win.

Vote below:


Where’s Britney On The Maxim Hot 100?

Where's Britney On The Maxim Hot 100

Sniff, sniff…cryyyyyy. Britney Spears did not land on the Maxim Hot 100 for the second year in a row despite the Britney Army tirelessly voting for Brit. In other words, it’s rigged!

From Maxim:
You voted, we counted, and the rest is supersexy history. From mind-bogglingly seductive supermodels to Hollywood’s most awe-inspiring actresses (with a bevy of beauties in between), the women of 2014 make up a roster so undeniably breathtaking you may get light-headed just reading it.

Here’s a look at some who made the Hot 100:

96. Iggy Azalea
82. Lana Del Rey
73. Rita Ora
56. Carrie Underwood
44. Avril Lavigne
40. Demi Lovato
38. Shakira
36. Jennifer Lopez
25. Miley Cyrus
21. Beyonce
19. Selena Gomez
15. Christina Aguilera
11. Rihanna
3. Katy Perry


Britney: Vote For Me At World Music Awards!

Britney: Vote For Me At World Music Awards!

Britney reached out to fans for the first time in weeks Saturday morning! What hath the Queen shared with her Army? Was it an exclusive outtake? A new song snippet? A letter? Nope! She’s requested her fans’ support in voting her at the World Music Awards.

Homegirl’s nominated in five categories. Get to voting!

Worlds Best Entertainer Of the Year

Worlds Best Female Artist

Worlds Best Song

Worlds Best Video

Worlds Best Live Act

Britney: Vote For Me At World Music Awards!


UPDATE: Britney Beats Michael Jackson For Best Pop Song

UPDATE: Britney Spears beat Michael Jackson in the semi-finals for Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era! Nice work!

Urgent! Vote Britney Vs. Michael Jackson For Best Pop Song

Britney’s LOSING against Michael Jackson in PopCrush’s Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era competition, and she needs your help!

“It’s Round 4 of our Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era tournament, and the competition is getting tight! Last round, Michael Jackson‘s ‘Billie Jean’ beat out Cyndi Lauper‘s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ making it the fan favorite for the ’80s bracket. MJ will face off against the winner of the ’90s bracket, Britney Spears. In Round 3, Brit’s ‘Baby One More Time’ barely bested the Backstreet Boys with 51% of the votes. Between Michael and Britney, who will move to the final round of voting?

Michael is undoubtedly one of pop’s greatest performers. ‘Billie Jean,’ the second single off of 1982′s ‘Thriller,’ spent seven weeks at No. 1. Even today, it’s widely considered one of the best songs of the 1980s. While Michael locked down his respective decade in the Greatest Pop Song competition, can he top Britney?

Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ is one of her biggest smashes. In addition to topping charts worldwide, Brit’s debut single was nominated for a Grammy! Although Britney has numerous albums and hit songs to her name, ‘Baby’ will always hold a special place in the ’90s pop music canon. Is it enough to help Britney beat the King of Pop?”

You can vote for Britney once every hour until the polls close on April 1 at 12PM ET.

You know the drill!

Vote Britney!


Update: Britney Beats Beat Backstreet Boys In Best Pop Song Competition!

UPDATE: Thanks to the Britney Army’s support, Britney snuck in last minute and WON PopCrush’s Greatest Pop Songs of the Modern Era competition!

Urgent! Britney Losing To Backstreet Boys In Best Pop Song Competition

Britney Spears is LOSING to the Backstreet Boys in PopCrush’s third round of the Greatest Pop Songs of the Modern Era competition.


Vote Britney Vs. Eminem In Celebuzz’s March Madness Finals

Vote Britney Vs. Eminem In Celebuzz's March Madness Finals

We did it, Britney Army! Britney beat Beyonce in the semi-finals and finds herself in the finals of Celebzz’s March Madness competition against Eminem.

From CB:

“Well, well, well. Here we are. March Music Madness has reached its peak. After a hotly contested showdown between Britney Spears and Beyoncé, Queen Britney advances to the final round to face off against Eminem, who edged out Brit’s former love, Justin Timberlake. Who will be crowned the ultimate March Music Madness champion? Vote for Britney or Eminem after the jump. You may vote once per hour all weekend. The winner will be announced Monday, March 24.”

Let’s make sure we get Brit the second consecutive win!

Vote Britney!