Britney: I’m Filming A Video Very Soon

Britney Spears opens up in a personal filmed message during her vacation in Hawaii this week. Britney shared several candid moments from her family getaway, then propped up the camera to sit and chat about a couple things on her mind, including the revelation she’s filming a video very soon.

Vote: Yes Or No To A Britney Spears Featuring Iggy Azalea Collaboration

It is done. The Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea collaboration happened. Britney Spears asked her brightest morning star for a collabo with music’s “it” girl, Iggy Azalea, for her new artsy fartsy album – and what the Queen wants, the Queen gets. Iggy Azalea confirmed she’s already laid down her rap for Brit Brit – […]