Britney Spears Regains Primary Custody Of Sons

It’s been a long road for Britney Spears, but her hard work, *****, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Britney’s Billboard magazine interview made quite the splash yesterday when she revealed recording her new album, slowly but surely, is not her main priority right now. Instead, she’s focusing on her boys’ and their activities, saying: “I’m gonna do […]

Britney Will Take Down David’s Trick If She Talks

Team Britney will shut down the pornstar David cheated with if she blabs. Britney’s legal team sent Cali Lee, the basic ***** David Lucado hooked up with while dating Britney, a letter threatening they’ll take her down if she opens her mouth about anything David may have told her about Britney during their affair. Britney’s […]

Jamie Spears Asks Judge For Additional Compensation

Dad Jamie Spears, who oversees Britney’s personal affairs in a legal conservatorship, requested additional compensation from his work on Piece Of Me. According to the legal docs, “Mr. Spears has been and will be providing primary responsibility for negotiations with regard to all key aspects of the LV Show, global oversight of the LV Show […]

Sam Lutfi Loses Appeal Against The Spears, Owes $120,000+

Britney’s self-proclaimed manager in 2007, Sam Lutfi, lost the appeal in his libel and breach of contract lawsuit and must fork over $120,000 in legal fees to her conservatorship, reports RadarOnline. Lufti argued the request was excessive and didn’t have the financial means to pay Team Spears’ legal bills. Lutfi sued Lynne Spears for libel […]

Jamie Spears Asks Judge To Increase Conservatorship Pay

Jamie Spears manages Britney’s personal affairs through a conservatorship since 2008, and time is money. He filed a motion this week asking the courts to up the amount he receives from Britney’s estate to support the increase he pays in office rent. According to court docs obtained by Radar Online, Jamie says: “I continue to […]

Britney’s Conservatorship Secures Vegas Contract

A recent no-so-blind item said Britney’s conservatorship would dissolve later this year, however a RadarOnline source claims the conservatorship is essential for her contract with Caesars Entertainment over the next two years. “The contract clearly states if Britney’s conservatorship ends, Casear’s Entertainment has the right to cancel the deal.” They are taking no chances. “Britney […]