Don Philip Leaks New Britney Song: “Pleasure You”

Don Philip, the singer who recently auditioned for Britney on The X Factor (“I Will Always Love You”), leaked a new song called “Pleasure You.” BreatheHeavy wrote about this track back in 2010. At the time, record label execs were reportedly furious about the leak. “We are totally unaware of the song being leaked,” said […]

New Footage: Britney Rehearses For Oops Tour

This might be over 10 years ago, but the footage is never-before seen! Check out this rare footage that just leaked of Britney rehearsing for the her Oops! tour back in 2000. It even includes Brit rehearsing to the original “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones.

“Mona Lisa” Demo Leaks

A clip of the original demo of Britney’s Mona Lisa just surfaced! The very same demo she snuck to 102.7 KIIS FM for her Original Doll album. Ah, I remember those days.

“This Kiss” Leaks

“This Kiss” leaked in FULL! Rumor has it it’s written by Nicole Morier (Heaven On Earth, How I Roll, Mmm Papi) from the Circus era. The track sounds like a mystical Britney singing underwater, longing for just one more kiss from her luva. Pure pop genius! Check it out:

“Ouch” Leaks In Full

The full version of “Ouch” finally leaked (or pretty damn close to the real thing)! Check it out:

New “Downtown” Snippets?

Two rumored clips of a song called “Downtown” leaked. Check them out and see for yourself. Ow! Update: they’re fake.

Who Wants Money, Love & Happiness?

Me! AND the song. Original Doll producer, Michelle Bell (“Money, Love & Happiness, “Peepshow”), Tweeted fans she’ll probably leak the full version of “Money, Love & Happiness.” Currently only clips exist. Send her a little love on Twitter (@BIZZYBELL) and let’s get this bad boy online for everyone!