Jason Trawick Ready To Get To Work *****

Jason Trawick is the target of a recent post by TMZ calling him out for gaining a few pounds since his split from Brit. He famously dropped a lot of weight and added a six-pack while with the Queen, but it seems that was put on the back burner… until now. Jason caught wind of […]

Rats Mag: Britney Flirting With Jason Trawick

One day she’s having a winter wedding to David, the next she’s on to the next… errr… previous. Star magazine claims Britney’s cheating on boyfriend David Lucado with ex-fiance Jason Trawick by “having secret meetings and flirty text conversations.” Even though Britney’s currently in Virginia with David, she’s apparently hung up on J-traw. “Britney constantly […]

Jason Trawick Tweets Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn Tweeted a picture of Maddie when she was just nine days old, and it caught the eye of Brit’s former fiance Jason Trawick. @jamielynnspears miss the heck out of her!!!! Please give her a hug for me!! Xxoo — Jason Trawick (@jasontrawick) July 10, 2013 No clever, witty statement to end this post. […]

Jason Trawick Is Pressed

And can you blame him? One follower asked him what his favorite Britney Spears song is. That’s kind of like asking Elin Nordegren who her favorite golf player is. Yes, it’s actually exactly like that. @onairjake random question? U live in a cave. I get asked that every three tweets. Ask me another question. And […]

Jason Replies To Heavy Tweet

People experience breakups differently. Some shed those pesky “relationship” pounds, and others, well… eat their feelings. But, no one likes to be reminded about it, especially by a Britard. Someone Tweeted Jason about it, and he responded: @evo_loves_brit – it’s not u. I gained 15 pounds and now on a diet. Don’t need to check […]

Jason Moving On Sans New Girlfriend

The mystery woman Jason Trawick’s rumored to be dating is NOT his girlfriend. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Jason confirms he’s single, Tweeting followers: @brucixspears funny I didn’t know I had a new girlfriend or even a girlfriend. What’s her name? Tell her I said hello! — Jason Trawick (@jasontrawick) April 22, 2013 The woman […]

Jason Trawick: Britney Looked Beautiful

It’s a long road when recovering from a broken heart, but Brit’s ex-fiance Jason Trawick is on his way. One fan Tweeted Jason about Brit’s awesome new hair color she debuted at Elton John’s party, and he replied with some kind words: “I agree she looked beautiful.” That she does.

Jason Trawick’s Valentine’s Day

While Britney was out having dinner in West Hollywood on Valentine’s Day, her ex-fiance Jason Trawick laid low, Tweeting fans his big plans on the day that reminds all single people why couples are really annoying: “Happy Valentine’s day. Watching sports at home and seeing how many egg rolls I can eat. Love the hot […]