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Christina Aguilera Wants To Work With Britney

June 27, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Christina Aguilera wants to work with Britney! She told Extra she’s interested in hooking up with Brit in the studio, and Britney fans five years ago would have said HELL NO, but I think the times have changed and would be a fun idea. Check it out at 8:50: Maybe a “He About To Lose […]

Carson Daly Talks Britney Again

June 23, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney was scheduled to be interviewed by Carson Daly back in March, but after he found out Britney’s management wanted to edit the clips he refused to participate. He said via Twitter: quote: I was jst TOLD my @britneyspears interview tomm on @ampradio MUST b pre-recorded & submitted 4 approval by HER mgmt b4 it […]

Weighing In To On “I Wanna Go” Video

June 22, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Check out this excerpt from a new article about the “I Wanna go” music video! Jordan Miller, who runs the Britney fansite Breatheheavy, noted that the video, which “shows diversity, personality and a lighter side fans don’t see too often,” should help clear up some rumors about the pop star. “It was absolutely a […]

Larry Rudolph Teases Tour DVD Deets

June 21, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, gave JoJo Wright an interview backstage at Britney’s L.A. show Monday night. He says there’s a strong chance of a tour DVD, as well as touring in another territory excluding the U.S. and Europe! Check it out: