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Britney Launching Rocker Femme Fantasy Perfume

September 4, 2014 By Jordan Miller

It’s been 30 days! You know what that means? Time for a new Britney Spears fragrance! Just cause Britney very recently announced she’s launching “Fantasy Stage Edition,” doesn’t mean homegirl has no plans to expand her billion dollar fragrance line. Yup! She’s releasing another scent exclusively for her Brazilian and Latin American fans before the […]

This Is Britney’s New Fantasy Stage Poster

July 21, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Since Britney’s performing in Las Vegas, it only makes sense to name her next spin-off fragrance Piece Of Me, right? Wrong! Brit Brit’s releasing “Fantasy Stage” edition using this new promotional poster. Two of the photos are from her Vegas show, the other is from her iconic “Slave” VMA performance in 2001. She says: “Fantasy […]

Britney Announces “Fantasy Stage” Perfume

July 9, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Britney is promoting her second single off “Britney Jean” by releasing a new perfume, y’all! She announced on Wednesday the title of her new fragrance, “Fantasy Stage Edition,” inspired by some of her favorite performances. Whatever that means! I’m thinking when you spray it Janet Jackson magically appears. Brit Tweeted a new photo of her […]

Name Britney’s Men’s Cologne

January 27, 2014 By Jordan Miller

There’s a sweet smelling rumor floating around Brit Brit is on board to make a cologne for men out later this year/early 2015, which is a If you could name it, anything, what would it be? Leave a comment in Exhale and put it out there. You never know who’ll read it!

Britney Officially Announces Naughty/Nice Remix Fragrance

January 7, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Though the news broke back in November, Britney finally revealed she has two new perfumes launching in February: Fantasy Britney Spears: The Naughty Remix & Fantasy Britney Spears: The Nice Remix. She posted about the perfume (yea I want it all over you) on Twitter and Facebook. Are you naughty or nice? Or both? Don't […]